Just before the year 2018 arrives I found some time to share with you some of the flattering (of course…who would publish any other comments! Honestly and thankfully I have not received any such  🙂  letters I received regarding my photographic skills and my personality!!

This is something that I should have done regularly and consistently as my SEO expert assures me but hey, I am a photographer and I find it difficult to compromise and spent more time in social media and promoting my web page and work than in my actual photographic work! (sorry SEO, I will try and improve next year)

So, say and write no more … I will let my clients and new friends speak for me instead… I am sorry if I have left some of you out but as I wrote before, I have some difficulties being organised and consistent at this “bureaucratic” stuff 🙂

Testimonials, Impressions and comments – year 2017


Riza and Mark

When I decided to get married in Santorini, the most important thing was to find a great photographer. As gorgeous as Santorini is, who wouldn’t want amazing photographs to capture the biggest and happiest day of your life? With this in mind, I began my tedious search online. The beauty of Athanasios’ remarkable, creative photographs stood out amongst hundreds of websites I’ve seen and grabbed my attention immediately. He was the only one I found to capture Santorini’s landscape in all its glory. In my opinion, a perfect wedding photograph is when the bride & groom is the subject, coupled with the location’s highlights to be the background, and for it to be as visible and interesting (meaning attractive colors, lighting that complements the subject as well as the background, creativity, structure, etc.) as possible, enough to captivate a person’s attention. I believe the subject and the location should complement each other and create a punchline and this is what Athanasios has accomplished so effortlessly.

With that said, I was delighted to see Athanasios in person after exchanging emails with him for months. He was very patient and answered all of my questions promptly, and even gave us a few tips about Santorini. He made us feel very comfortable instantly. He started shooting as soon as we arrived Santa Irina. After the ceremony, we went to Thira for our post wedding photoshoot. He had us climbing rooftops and domes which were all amazing experiences.

Of course when he sent the photos it was nothing less than perfect. They were amazing and we couldn’t get any more compliments from friends and family and even from strangers. I printed one of my favorites and displayed it in a frame in my office and not one person passed by that did not express their oohs and aaahs!!! He sent about 950 incredible photos, all of great quality. We are honestly having a hard time choosing the main photo to blow up because they’re all breathtaking.

It gives me chills and takes me back to Santorini and how it felt like every time I look at our photos. Soooo, Athanasios — we are beyond grateful for making our wedding day most memorable. We are so very much blessed to have chosen you as our photographer as these photos will last a lifetime. THANK YOU and may your God-given talent continue to flourish!!!

Sanna and Henri

Oh my, Athanasios, I just love the pictures! Images are gorgeous and you so capture the love and happiness we had and feel! We have talked about you a lot for we also had a great experience at the harbor and in Imerovigli with you The pictures are 5 star pictures all the way round: great quality, setting, light, feeling! Everybody has admired your tallent and how lovely and in love we are This is a life long memory, thank you, Sanna


Stephanie and Michel

The pictures were absolutely amazing!  We love them!!!!! We could not have asked for a better photographer:) We really appreciate everything you did for us.


Stefani and Polydoros



Words cannot express how grateful we are to Athanasios for capturing the most beautiful pictures of our engagement in Santorini. Not only was Athanasios such a pleasure to work with and made us feel so comfortable during the shoot, but the pictures are absolutely spectacular!! I initially was simply hoping for a few decent photos of us, but Athanasios was able to promptly deliver over 200 phenomenal photos with each picture being better than the last. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him, as well as to have these stunning photos for years to come. His work truly speaks for itself. We cannot thank you enough Athanasios!!!


Lazaros and Chrysoula

These pictures are incredible We just looked at all the photos! They are beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us!!! We were very lucky to have you a part of our day. It goes by so fast and because of the vivid, thoughtful, complete set of photos you took we will be able to relive that magical day forever. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!


Miho and Masha

Now we are really happy to see your amazingly excellent photos.  We like them very much! They easily remind us of beautiful Mykonos island, our happy honeymoon days and exciting photo shooting time with you! So, grateful!!


John and Breda

Our pictures are only amazing they have blown us away to be honest extremely special thank you so much for making our day very special with these, you have created beautiful memories for us. Thanking You so much, we wish you the very best for the future.


Dave and Jacqueline

We are absolutely in love with your photography!


Antonia and Pedro

Hi there ! Wow!!! what beautiful photos ! We loved it ! Such great job!! Million thanks Athanasios!