Testimonials, Impressions and comments – year 2017

Just before the year 2018 arrives I found some time to share with you some of the flattering (of course...who would publ ...
December 15, 2017

Wedding at Afytos – Halkidiki

Olga and Frank live in Germany but decided to have an elopement wedding in Greece and more specifically at Afytos villag ...
August 15, 2017

elopement portraits photography at Santorini

  Henri and Sannas message found me photographing a couple from England that had an elopement to Santorini. T ...
August 12, 2017

My newest wedding photography award

Awarded by "Your Perfect Wedding Photographer" ... July 2017 awards
August 12, 2017

engagement portraits at Santorini and Mykonos

Jacqueline and Dave are getting married next year and apparently at a very lucky date, as you will notice at the final i ...
May 30, 2017

Anniversary portraits at Mykonos

At this gallery you can view the most recent “anniversary portraits” that took place at Mykonos! My new friends from ...
May 17, 2017

Engagement portraits at athens

  At this gallery you can view the most recent “engagement portraits” that took place at central Athens! We v ...
March 16, 2017

new award

A new award winning photograph from "wedding photographers society"
March 10, 2017

Wedding Photography – Tips, do’s and dont’s

  WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - Tips, do's and...dont's      Wedding Photography, styles and aest ...
January 9, 2017

Pre wedding portraits and wedding at NEW YORK

Nikos & Lyuba honoured me by choosing me as their wedding photographer! Their wonderful wedding took place at New Je ...
January 8, 2017

wedding portraits at Santorini # 3

Mito and Massashi come from Japan and visited Santorini and Athens for a few days. They decided to have a “wedding po ...
January 7, 2017

wedding at Skopelos

Michaela and Libor come from Czech republic They decided to get married at a wonderful and discreet, less known Greek i ...
January 5, 2017